Staff Highlight

Meet Kris Shepperson

You may have never seen this Y employee because she starts her day at 6:15AM. Meet Kris Shepperson, an Infant Room Day Care employee. Kris has worked at the Y for 5 years. Every morning she sets up the nursery & makes sure the children have all of their supplies. Her smile & welcoming presence each day brightens the mood of the infants & reassures parents that their child receives the best care possible. Infant day care workers look after the basic needs of very young children ages 6 weeks to one year while parents are working or away. They change diapers, prepare meals, & develop day care routines. Working with infants & toddlers requires a great deal of patience & understanding of child development. Kris & the other day care staff take mandatory continuing education courses, but Kris’ best experience comes from having two children, a son & daughter, plus two grandchildren. To keep Kris even busier, her family owns & operates a chicken farm that produces 17,000 to 18,000 eggs per day. They are organic farmers & in  addition to layers, they raise beef cattle & feed crops. Every six months, Kris prepares a comprehensive report on each of her charges in the infant room. On a daily basis, Kris tracks her infants’ meal times, what they ate & drank, their nap time and diaper changes. Special needs children are also included in the nursery and have their own set of medical forms.  Kris will, at parent request, use baby sign language. In the nursery, the ratio of child care provider to infants is 1 employee to 4 children. On any given day there are 9 to 12 infants in the room.  The Foster Grandparent Program is involved also. Two foster grandparents are assigned to the infant room where they help hold & feed the babies.They also provide an important extra set of eyes. Kris related that the best part of her job is watching the children grow. The Sunbury Y Day Care was recently voted the best in the area; Kris suggests that parents call the day care as soon as they know their expecting. What sets Kris & the other Y daycare employees apart from other centers is their dedication to consistently providing the best care possible.


A Y parent aptly described the importance of the Infant Room:

“After a few weeks of bringing my daughter to Y Daycare, I began to notice a significant difference in her development. She was much more talkative, and more comfortable around other people & children.  Also, her  motor skills were advancing. I would like to highlight the exceptional staff working in the infant room.  It lets me know that when I am not around, she is receiving good care. Even if some of the babies are having an off day, all of the teachers in the infant room are calm & collected. They make sure the babies are treated with extra love & affection. I cannot thank them enough for all of their efforts!”




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