Martial Arts


In our Kung Fu classes, students will build confidence and become fit while learning the basic Martial Art fundamentals of blocking, kicking, punching and proper stances. Students will also   prepare for testing by performing moving patterns and sparring/self defense techniques. Students will then be promoted to a different color sash after appropriate testing. Emphasis in these classes is placed on respect, discipline of character and “defense for self defense only” as a common theme. Advanced students are taught the fighting skills of the animals.


Youth Kung Fu

Ages 6-12


Sunbury YMCA

Saturdays - 9.30-10.30a

Beginner white sash only


Saturdays - 10.30-11.30a

Advanced red sash and above



Tuesdays - 4.15-5.15p

All sash levels

Classes held at Mifflinburg Alliance Church

80 Church Road, Mifflinburg


Milton YMCA

Wednesdays - 4.00-5.0p



$20.00 - Family Member

$27.00 - Youth Member

$40.00 - Non-Member


Adult Kung Fu

Ages 13+


Sunbury YMCA

Saturdays - 11.30a-1.00p

All sash levels


Lewisburg YMCA Express

Tuesdays - 7.00-8.30p

All sash levels



$20.00 - Family Member

$32.00 - Individual Member

$50.00 - Non-Member


For more information on the Martial Arts program, call Larry Grandmaster Larry Fletcher

Sunbury YMCA 570.286.5636

Lewisburg YMCA 570.568.4653

Fighting Back...Self Defense for Women
A class ages 14 and up. Watch for fliers or call the Y, 286-5636. Easy and effective techniques to learn. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Be ready to protect yourself.
Smart Kids - Keeping Kids Safe on the Streets
Grandmaster Fletcher teaches children and parents how to avoid child abuse and/or abduction in this valuable program. Call 286-5636 to schedule his program at your organization or school!