Our YMCA Gymnastics Programs are designed to encourage individual fitness, strength, coordination and health but also to promote the sport of gymnastics with a wide variety of classes and program to include pre-school, recreational and competitive gymnastics. Students are encouraged through playful activities by qualified instructors with age specific lessons. Classes are designed to stimulate the major movement patters and develop motor skills geared towards the child’s own physical development. Emphasis is placed on life skills such as following directions, honing listening skills, developing team working skills and improving self-esteem.  Sunbury offers classes from Pre-school through competitive gymnastics and is a USA Gymnastics Program Club Member. Milton offers recreational gymnastics programs in a 3-tier system: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes.
Beginner Gymnastics Programs

MOMMY & ME CLASS (18 mos-2 1/2 years)

In this class the children will begin to develop key motor skills for any sport. The parent will learn how to help their child with mild spotting and direction from staff. This is a great way to bond with your child while they use their energy climbing, crawling, balancing, and more!

Mondays - 10.30a-11.15am

$40.00 - Family member

$80.00 - Non-Member



TINY TOT CLASS (3 & 4 year olds)

In this class we will focus on the beginner skills needed for gymnastics as well as working on listening skills and following directions. This is a great class to improve their motor skills along with coordination. Also they learn to do cartwheels, bridges and more! Will include all 4 events along with tumble track, stretching and conditioning.

Tuesdays - 10.30a-11.30am - 4 week session

$30.00 - Family Member

$60.00 - Non-Member



DAYCARE REC CLASS (4 & 5 year olds)

A structured recreational gymnastics class including all events: vault, bars, beam, floor tumble track .

Thursdays - 10.30a-11.30am - 4 week session

$30.00 - Family Member

$60.00 - Non-Member



HOT SHOTS (5 year olds)

A structured recreational gymnastics class including all events: vault, bars, beam, floor tumble track .

Saturdays - 10.45am-11.45am - 4 week session

$40.00 - Family Member

$80.00 - Non-Member




A fun, exciting class that meets the physical education requirement for home school. Great for fitness and sports preparation. Helps build strength, flexibility, balance, body awareness and more. Learn listening skills and socialize in a fun and safe environment. This class will do vault, bars, beam, floor tumble track along with stretching and conditioning.

Wednesdays - 11.45a-12.45pm

$40.00 - Family Member

$80.00 - Non-Member




This class will help a seasoned tumbler looking to improve their skills and learn more advanced tumbling skills or to the beginner tumbler wanting to learn a cartwheel! We will focus specifically on tumbling skills with correct technique in execution in all aspects of tumbling. 

Saturdays - 9.30-10.30am (8 week class)

$80.00 - Family Member

$160.00 - Non-Member




Our ninja class will help improve coordination, muscular strength, endurance, speed and agility, all key components in any sport. This class will encourage your child to learn strategy and problem solving skills as they complete our obstacle courses, rope climbs and swings, and balancing exercises.

Saturdays - 1.00-2.00pmpm

$45.00 - Family Member

$90.00 - Non-Member


Please feel free to call Cassie Duron at 570-286-5636 or email for more information.  
Pre-Competition / Competition Gymnastics Class
Focusing on the basic gymnastics positions and skills. Concentration is placed on flexibility, proper body mechanics, coordination and strength. Children develop cardiovascular endurance, build social skills and increase their self-esteem.  The competitive team begins with USA Gymnastics Level 1 competition team and advance through Level 10. These classes run on a monthly basis.
Our gymnastics instructors are all USA Gymnastics Professional Members.  Instructors maintain specific safety certification courses as well as three different background clearance checks and are all first aid/CPR/AED certified. The gymnastic instructors attend training sessions throughout the year to keep abreast of the changes and improvements in gymnastics training. They attend spotting clinics and classes as well as take courses through the USA Gymnastics University.
USAG Competition Team
These individuals are USAG athlete members and compete in both USAG and YMCA League gymnastics competitions. These classes run on a monthly basis. Our competitive gymnasts practice schedules are determined by the athlete’s individual USAG Level .  Times, days and prices vary depending on the gymnast’s competitive level.  Our competitive gymnasts are both PA State and National medalistsWe also compete annually in the Keystone State Games and bi-annually in the State Games of America – 2013 & 2015.
Please feel free to call Coach Sue at 570-286-5636 or email for information, schedule a free evaluation or sample a class.  

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